Become unstoppable with Ignite “Warrior Brain”

Elevate your mental and physical state in minutes with Ignite. No caffeine, no stimulants, no nonsense. Are you ready?


One Platform - Multiple Physiological Outcomes

Ignite is the next disruptive technology from Solace Lifesciences, the neuroscience company that makes NuCalm®. Ignite uses the same patented neuroscience platform technology developed for NuCalm, but instead of slowing you down into alpha and theta ranges for accelerated recovery, Ignite increases your brain wave frequency to the gamma range to put you in a state of peak mental and physical performance.

Since February 29, 2016, elite military operators, professional athletes, and company insiders have been using Ignite to heighten awareness, sharpen reaction time, and channel concentration when needed most. It’s the personification of “lightning in a bottle!”

The Ignite Effect

Ignite is an immersive listening experience with state-of-the-art entrainment physics combined with musical and voice-over overlays. After listening to Ignite (13-14 minute neuroacoustic tracks), your brain waves will be cycling in the gamma zone. Ignite will upregulate the motor strip output (pre-motor strip and motor strip), create laterality balance and dexterity between both brain hemispheres, trigger hyperesthesia (increased sensitivity for all senses), and create fine tuning in the cerebellum resulting in increased fine and gross motor skills, balance, and muscle memory. You will be "firing on all cylinders", and then some.

What People Say About Ignite

Tony Robbins on stage

Warrior Brain

In the “Warrior Brain" state, produced by Ignite, brain elasticity is optimized - ideal for mental conditioning. Using non-linear oscillating algorithms, various specific pitch and frequency matrices, and binaural signal processing, our patented method significantly improves the brain wave acceleration process by activating and consuming the attention of the brain’s reticular activating system. In addition to cleansing the reticular activating system, these neuroacoustic tracks use the auditory motor cortex to elicit activity across the corpus callosum, the frontal cortex, and the motor cortex.

The desired outcome of Ignite ‘Warrior Brain’ is to make you feel unstoppable, empowered, and in a determined and resourceful state for any situation.

Ignite System

The Ignite Experience

The 12-14 minute Ignite “Warrior Brain” neuroacoustic software ramps up, beginning at 15Hz and ramping to 39Hz. The final three minutes are pure Gamma gamma entrainment, creating the “Warrior Brain" effect. The neuroacoustic software also includes a constant 14Hz, which is the sensory motor rhythm and helps augment sensory motor output and keeps you balanced across your brain's hemispheres, while also insulating you from having an anxious response as the brain wave entrainment ramps up.

Ignite to provide an energy boost instead of coffee in the morning; before or during exercise; in preparation for a performance or any activity where you want to be exceptionally focused; or whenever you need energy, focus, or motivation. DO NOT Ignite before bedtime.

NEW: Ignite Tracks


Tony Robbins Voice-Over | 12:48

“Certainty” combines the world’s most powerful neuroacoustic software platform with the inspirational words of Tony Robbins. If feeling unstoppable, confident, and absolutely certain is a state you would like to achieve, this track is for you! Listen to this when you want to overcome challenges, break through limitations, and perform at your best, on demand, with no drugs or stimulants… simply advanced physics, a magical soundtrack, and Tony Robbins. This track contains EXPLICIT language.


Tony Robbins Voice-Over | 13:20

“Gratitude” combines the world’s most powerful neuroacoustic software platform with the inspirational words of Tony Robbins. Feeling confident, and inspired, while engaging in self-reflection and gratitude provides a unique experience that leaves you feeling amazing and ready to take on any challenge. Listen to this when you want to feel focused, energized, self-aware, and excited to perform at your very best, on demand, with no drugs or stimulants… simply advanced physics, a magical soundtrack, and Tony Robbins.


Instrumental | 14:01

This instrumental track consists of a variety of different and connected musical components which makes the impact last longer, is good for repeated listening, and repeated listening also allows you to get more out of it by directing the energies however you want. The theme of Legendary is a message to the unconscious mind - bringing disparate forces within us into a unified whole to meet and overcome challenges. We purposely made the music feel a bit ’scientific’ and all the math is precise - undeniable in the syncopation along with all the non-music sounds like swishes, swells, whirls and pops.

NuCalm and Ignite - Harness and Unleash Your Superpowers

Ignite right after any morning or afternoon NuCalm session;
This provides an amplified effect.

Finish off your sleep with a morning NuCalm; Get focused in the afternoon with Ignite.

Start your day with Ignite for optimal performance; Reboot in the afternoon with NuCalm.

Ignite during a workout to push yourself;
NuCalm post-workout for muscle memory and recovery.

Ignite right after a 20-min NuCalm;
Or right before a game or prentation for recovery, calm and focus.

How Do I Get Ignite?

Ignite is offered exclusively to NuCalm users. It is not available as an independent product. Ignite can only be purchased as an add-on to an active NuCalm subscription on this page or is included in the Lifetime Military Package.

Who has Access to Ignite?

  1. LIFETIME NuCalm members = no charge
  2. NuCalm Miitary members = no charge
  3. NuCalm subscription plan holders (NuCalm 10, 20, or 30 monthly or annual) = $199 for 6-months or $299 for 12-months. Access to Ignite is only available through the NuCalm mobile app and requires an active NuCalm subscription.

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