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“The hallmark of elite performers is predictability. Certainty in action is mandatory. Focus and discipline are life-saving. NuCalm elevates these capabilities. It heightens my awareness. Channels my concentration. And sharpens my reaction time. It’s an invaluable tool in a performance on demand lifestyle.”

- J.D. Potynsky, Former Green Beret, CEO & Founder of Northern Red

Air Force

There is no doubt, NuCalm saved my life. I couldn't sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time, walked around with a scowled face from intense physical pain, deafening tinnitus, developed an angry disposition, always slumped, felt hopeless … I lost control. All that changed in one 20-minute session of the best rest I've ever had. After one year, I am the strongest, sharpest, fastest, most confident, and relaxed I've ever been … I went from being identified for a disability to a multiple national and world championship competitor.

- Ken Corigliano, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force Officer

Air Force Athlete of the Year
Professional of the Year
Officer of the Year
Multiple World Champion & Record Holder

green beret

In America, we are free because of the brave. And the reason the United States military special operations community is elite is because we have invested more into the operator's mind to ensure we are the most knowledgeable and best prepared warriors on the battlefield. We must always maintain that edge and be able to tap into an even higher gear at a moment's notice.

Operating in a constant state of alert has taken a toll on my mind and body and at 34 years-old, beginning my civilian life, I struggle to down regulate stress and I don't sleep well. In an effort to recover from my life in the military and regain my health, I've tried everything, from Alpha Stim, to neurobiofeedback, to meditation, to apps such as Calm and Headspace.

Nothing has made a positive impact on my stress and sleep until I began using NuCalm. I heard about NuCalm from a former special forces operator and to be honest, it sounded too good to be true. But I've been using NuCalm daily since January 2019 and it has changed my life and brought me back to health. I am more calm, more focused, more patient, less reactive to situational stress and less agitated. I feel like myself again and my family has seen a big difference in my behavior at home. Raising 3 children and trying to assimilate to civilian life, NuCalm doesn't change the challenges I face, it changes how I interpret and respond to the challenges. I feel better, I sleep better, I'm more self-aware, and I'm more confident and optimistic about this next phase of my life.

- Micah Robertson, former Green Beret and combat veteran

green beret

“Developing a beneficial meditation practice can take countless hours over a period of years. By using NuCalm I can effectively and quickly access a state of mind where I have the ability to respond instead of react. I use NuCalm because I have post traumatic stress. With as little as 20 mins a day I get to respond to my feelings and thoughts instead of react to them. When I have the ability to respond I can be humble, thoughtful, patient and kind. When I react instead of respond I can be aggressive, irritable and fearful. NuCalm aids me into being the version of myself that is genuine and real. It is who I am without PTS.”

– Magnus Johnson, President of Mission 22, Former Green Beret Combat Veteran

“As a 26-year veteran of the Special Operations community, and current program manager for the Human Performance Optimization (HPO) programs in my enterprise, I provide my highest endorsement for NUCALM as a technology and resource. NUCALM has unequivocally been one of the most effective stress mitigation, sleep improvement, and general wellness ‘recovery modalities’ we offer to our population. As an enhancing tool to our HPO programs it has met with resounding-positive feedback and almost immediate results. I am hard pressed to identify any other device, gear, or similar system in this price range that offers the same. Jim Poole and his team of unparalleled experts have truly tapped into an amazing and effective application for the science of binaural/neuroacoustic software therapy, and beyond, through their work in this field and with NUCALM.”

- Brian M., Lieutenant Colonel, Special Forces

“On NuCalm, I felt a pervasive calmness that I had only known years ago at an ashram in India practicing meditation. The sounds in the headset seemed to blend into my brain waves. My gurgling stomach became quiet and I forgot about my sprained back muscles. When finished, I had an overall feeling of wholeness. Another session gave me a kind, gentle energy like the surface of a pond with a slight breeze rippling the surface with slow sounds receding and advancing, taking me away like a benevolent goddess looking over me and a baby blue sky washing me with love… I am in between waking and dreaming in color with a comfortable peace. Another session it sparked my creativity and boosted my energy so I could keep going evenly. I felt younger and that more things were possible than before.”

– Jay Harden, Vietnam Veteran, B-52D Navigator

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